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Como se puede explicar en ingles los puestos ambulantes?

…How can You Explain the Colombian Push Carts in English?

Colombian Push Cart

Push carts are part of the informal economy

The folks at Jack Magazine did a great job explaining the Colombian push carts.  This is something that just does not exist in US, Canada, UK or Europe and you might want to explain it to someone when you are in one of those countries. Reed the article now. (It is good practice.)

La gente a Jack Magazine hizo un buen trabajo en explicar los carritos de los vendedores ambulantes cual se ven en la calle.  No existen los carritos en otros paises tales como EEUU, Canada, RU o Europa. Leer más. (Es buena practica.)

Some good vocabulary // vocabulario debe recordar:

Push cart =  shopping cart or other wheeled cart that you can push // el carrito del puesto ambulante

Decontextualized = removed from its normal context // sacado del contexto normal

Convenience store = a store with common items // tienda

Informal employment sector = the part of the work force that is not reported to the government, typically do not pay taxes // la parte de la fuerza laboral que no paga los impuestos ni informa al gobierno

Speak of something = mention something // mencionar algo

Hardship =  financial difficulties // pernuria

Desperation =  the state of being reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency // desesperación 

Daily survival =  the daily act of staying healthy, happy and unaffected by hardships // sobrevivencia diaria

MacGyver = secret agent character from TV show MacGyver did amazing things with basic items, like stop or diffuse a bomb with a paperclip. // agente secrete del serie de TV MacGyve que consigó logros estupendos con articulos basicos, tal como detener una bomba con un clip.

Cobble = fix or put together roughly // arreglar de manera bruta

Baby carriage = baby stroller // cochecito de niño

Milk crate = a slatted wooden box // caja madera de lamas

Scrap = little piece // pedacito

Pedestrian =  pertaining to walkers // peatonal

Fishing pole =  rod used to fish //  caña de pescar

Pirate ship = a boat used by buccaneers // barco de pirata

Super-deluxe = very luxuriousv// de super lujo

On-board =  installed and functional // instalado

Main sail = principle area of canvas or other fabric to catch the wind // vela mayor

Main deck = principle floor-like area at a certain hull level// cubierta principal

Snack =  light refreshment // algo para picar

Safety first! =  common saying when following the safety instructions found on any item // dicho común cuando  sigando las instrucciones de seguridad que encontarías sobre toda manera de articulos

Storefront display = large windowed area facing pedestrian or other traffic// en exhibición por el escaparate

Item = element // articulo

Cash register = a business machine that indicates to customers the amounts of individual sales, has a money drawer from which to make change, records and totals receipts, and may automatically calculate the change due. // caja (la con la moneda)

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