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Good Day Sunshine, Enjoy Your Weekend

Hopefully we have more of this beautiful weather over the weekend.  After weeks of grey weather, lets enjoy some sun ‘n’ fun.

OJO: cuando pronuncias ‘sun’ y ‘fun’ se deberían rimar

To celebrate, lets listen to this classic beatles tune and review the lyrics.

Good Day Sunshine, The Beatles

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about
I feel good in a special way
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

We take a walk (as) the sun is shining down
(It) Burns my feet as they touch the ground

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

Then we lie beneath a shady tree
I love her and she’s loving me
She feels good; she know she’s looking fine
I’m so proud to know that she is mine

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

Sunshine, noun, direct light from the sun or a source of happiness. (luz del sol o algo que alegra)

I like to sit in the sunshine.

I’m feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag. (Bonus video!)

When the sun is out, phrase, when the sun is present or showing. (cuando haya sol)

When the sun is out, it feels warm.

It is cold in Antartica even when the sun is out.

Take a walk, phrasal verb, to go for a leisurely walk or to leave a situation abruptly. (dar una vuelta)

Work was frustrating so we took a walk to calm down.

I almost yelled at the client so my boss told me to take a walk.

Something touches the ground, phrase, after flying something connects with the ground. (llegar a la tierra)

Our airpline touched the ground in Bogota after flying from Atlanta.

After the soccer victory, we only started to touch the ground that night.

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It is raining in Bogota

There are a variety of ways to talk about the rain in English. The structure usually begins “It is… VERB+ING”
Por qué hay tanta lluvia? Aprendemos la variedad de maneras de hablar de esa agua que cae del cielo. La estructura es normalmente la siguiente: “It is + VERB+ING”
Light rain (lloviznar)

It is misting.
It is sprinkling.
It is drizzling.
It is raining lightly.

“Normal” rain (llover)

It is raining.

Heavy rain (llover cantaros)

It is pouring.
It is raining cats and dogs!
It is really coming down.
It is a torrential downpour.
It is raining heavily.
The sky really opened up on me.

The next time it rains we’ll talk about the figurative use of rain.  Here is a nursey rhyme that is often used when it is raining:

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