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Motivacion de día: Apple piensa diferente

Motivation of the Day: Apple’s Think Different

Beautiful video from Apple about thinking different.

Hermoso video de Apple sobre pensar diferente..

Read the text while listening to Richard Dreyfuss.

Lea escuchando el texto…

Here’s to the crazy ones

The misfits

The rebels

The trouble-makers

The round pegs in the square holes

The ones who see things differently

They’re not fond of rules

And they have no respect for the status quo

You can quote them

Disagree with them


or villify them

About the only thing you can’t do

is ignore them

Because they change things

They push the human race


And while see them

as the crazy ones

We see genius

Because the people who are crazy enough

to think they can change the world

Are the ones who do


Misfits – weird people (los raros)

This is Thinking Different

Round Peg in a Square Hole

Round pegs in the square holes – people that act unexpectedly, maybe better. (los raros)

To be fond of – to like (caerse bien con algo o alguien)

Glorify – to say good things about something (glorificar)

Vilify – to say bad things about something (infamar)

Push forward – move something forward with force (adelantar bien)

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