Sleeping at Work, Dormir en el trabajo

Asleep at work or just boxes?

Sleeping at Work, view 1. (HT The Clearly Dope)

Definitely asleep!

Sleeping at work, view 2. (HT The Clearly Dope)









It’s Friday.  Maybe we were out late celebrating International Women’s Day.  Maybe it is just a rough morning.  Maybe you are asking “How can I catch a few zzz’s?”  We have the box method above.  Also, check out this funny video on ways to sleep at work.

Not enough time in the day to sleep and travel blocks and kilometers to class? Take a personalized class that comes to your home or office.  Contact Bogota Business English.


To sleep = the state of unconciousness that recharges the body, usually at night. [dormir]

To be asleep = a descriptive but passive way of describing someone/something sleeping. [estar dormido]

To catch zzz’s = to sleep

To catch some shuteye = to sleep

To nod off = to go to sleep [empezar a dormir]

A Rough Morning = a difficult morning [una mañana dura]

To be out late = to be having fun or party to a late hour [salir hasta la madrugada]

To stay up late = to not go to sleep until a late hour [no acostarse hasta la madrugada]

To not sleep well = to have difficulty with the right amount or the right quality of sleep [no dormir bien]

A good night’s rest = sleeping well for the right amount or right quality of sleep [una noche de dormir bien]


NOTE: Bogota Business English does not endorse sleeping at work!! We recommend you get a good night’s rest and a full breakfast in order to be as productive as possible. 🙂

Bogota Business English has well-rested, passionate andfun teachers that keep students active and interested in learning.  Don’t fall asleep in another class again! Contact Bogota Business English.


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