Why Learn English? 6 Reasons to Learn

…¿Por qué aprendes inglés? 6 motivos para aprender

There are so many reasons to learn English. We’ll talk about some common reasons to learn English but the important reason to learn English is…

Reason 1 You want to learn English.

If you do not want to learn English, it is very difficult to learn it!  If English is required for your job and you don’t want to learn the language, you won’t learn.  We have to want to learn.  This is why we couldn’t learn very well in high school or university — we didn’t want to learn but we had to take the English language course.  And how much do we remember from those classes? Little.

So, you want to learn English. Good! Congratulations! Learning English is developing the most important asset you have — yourself.  It is an invaluable tool for business, for life and for the future.

Reason 2 English is used for international business.

English is and will continue to be the dominant language for international business.  Colombia is developing its ability to export and import on an international stage.  Bogota is preparing to be the 4th largest corporate tourism destination in Latin America and this will see an uptick or increase in the number of international conferences held here.

And soon Colombia will have the ability to freely trade with dozens of countries… and that will be a sea change or significant change in the need for english.

Obama y Santos para TLC

Obama and Santos know FTAs are coming to Colombia!

Did you know? Colombia has or is completing more than 15 free trade agreements with trading blocs such as the European Union (27 countries including France and Germany), USA (including states of California and New York which have GDP higher than most countries in the world), Canada, Carribbean countries (Belize, Jamaica and all of those former British and Dutch colonies), Free Countries of Europe (including Switzerland and oil rich Norway), South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Jordan and more.   International business with these countries is done in English.

Reason 3 English is used for scientific thought.

English is used by business and by science around the world.  If you want to access the largest pool of scientific thinking, you need to learn English.

The Harvard Business Review doesn’t publish business case studies in Spanish.

The New England Journal of Medecine is written in English.


Without English, how will you be a mad scientist?

The report about the faster than light particle is now available in several languages… but the initial report? It was in English.

Software is generally programmed in English.

Engineering projects around the world use English.

Classes at the top universities in the world such as Yale, Princeton and Oxford are not taught in Spanish. You need English to learn there. (Plus quality TOEFL or IELTS test results!)

Reason 4 English is used for international standards.

International standards are written in English. For example, Colombia is adopting the international accounting standards (IFRS) which not surpringingly uses English.  Accountants will need to understand and use English.

Reason 5 Use English for traveling.

Viajar Estados Unidos

English improves your traveling experience

Whether going to Europe and the UK, the US, India or Asia… some ability in English will make your experience richer and more entertaining.

It is true that you can visit the US  without speaking English in parts of California, New York City and Miami… as a traveler you are missing out on the rest of the beauty and the experience of the United States.

Reason 6 Improve your Spanish.

Strange as it is to say… learning a second language improves your mother tongue and your precision in expressing ideas.  The same idea is expressed differently with different metaphors and images.  You also learn more about Spanish by reviewing tenses, prepositions, vocabulary and other parts of speech you use daily without thinking about them.

The greatest writers and poets were multilinguists.

What’s your reason to learn English? Tell us in the comments.

Want to start learning English Today? Contact Bogota Business English.


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