How attention-seeking leaders are bad for business

…Como los liders que buscan atención son malos para el negocio

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Attention Seeking Tantrum

Attention seeking can be bad!

This is part of the 7 habits of bad business leaders series.  Check out the other parts here. The purpose of the series is to break down the English language in Eric Jackson’s Forbes article for non-native speakers.

You want to call attention to your business, right? Well, maybe. We’re going to look at the habit of bad leaders that can cause problems for themselves and their companies.

See the other articles in the series on leader isolation and behavior choices. Bad habit source material comes from Eric Jackson’s excellent Fobes article.

Bad habit #5: Leaders are consummate spokespersons, obsessed with the company image

Warning Sign:  Blatant attention-seeking

Habit 5 vocabulary: To be consummate is to be very skilled or perfect.

Company image or public image  is how the company is percieved by the public or by others.

Being obsessed is having a obsession o preocuppation with something. An obsession dominates and strongly influences one’s thoughts, feelings and desires.

Attention Seeking can lead to bad behavior

Bad attention-seeking behavior

A blatant action is a deliberate action or done on purpose.

Attention-seeking behavior is acting in a way such as  that calls attention to oneself.

Habit 5 idea: The idea is that these leaders are very skilled or perfect  at public interaction.  While this is good but they also are excessively preoccupied (obsessed) and spend less time on real problems and more time on what people think.

Uribe was seeking attention on Twitter

Sometimes attention-seeking causes a negative public image

The warning sign of this habit can itself be a problem. Attention-seeking behavior distracts from the business and its goals.  Though leaders want good public image, the opposite sometimes results from attention-seeking behavior!

Former President Uribe has recieved criticism for his attention-seeking tweets and political endorsements.  He seems obsessed with the image of his presidency. This attention seeking behavior has actually hurt his public image according to some.

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