Como se pronuncia Busy

Busy Bee pronuncia Busy asi Bzzzi

A Busy Bee!

Here’s a simple exercise to improve a very common word.  This word is common yet many Spanish speakers struggle to pronounce it well.

Busy – Occupied. (ocupado)

Pronounce “Busy.”  Go ahead. Did it sound like…

If so, congrats!  If not, let’s work on some rhyming words.

Fizzy – Carbonated (espumoso)

Dizzy – light-headed, spinning feeling (mareado)

Gaseosa Fizzy

Postobon soda is fizzy!

Fizzy and dizzy are pronounced as they look.. Fizi. Dizi. And busy is actually pronounced the same! Bizi.

So let’s practice pronouncing Busy, Fizzy, Dizzy.

My day is busy. The Sprite is fizzy. I feel dizzy.

He is busy.  The Colombiana is fizzy. The roller coaster looks dizzy.

Busy. Fizzy. Dizzy.

Good luck with your busy pronunciation!

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Me hace dizzy!

Uf, dizzy!


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