Divertido significa fun o funny?

Does divertido mean fun or funny?

En nuestra serie ‘errores comunes en Bogota’, notamos unos errores de pronunciación o malentendimiento de la parte de Colombianos.  ¿Cometes uno de los errores comunes?

Baby's Sexy and Baby Knows It

This Baby is Funny

There is a common mistake that I’ve noticed while teaching English to Spanish speakers.  For some reason, somewhere in their learning path, they have confused two very different adjectives.

Fun – enjoyable (divertido)

Funny – weird, amusing or causing laughter (chistoso)

Weeee is the sound that fun makes

This is fun. Never call it funny.

In English the two words sound similar but are worlds apart.  Think about this: Motorcycles are fun.  Clowns are funny.

Dates are fun. Jokes are funny.

Soccer is fun. Gringos speaking bad Spanish is funny.

Lets review some examples from awkward conversations:

Jeff: Tom check out my new motorcycle.

Tom: Wow, Jeff your motorcycle looks funny.

(NO! It looks fun. It looks funny means it looks weird.)

Tom: I love this joke. It is fun.

(Jokes are funny! Jokes can be fun but we probably mean funny.)

Tom: Janet I hope you enjoyed our date.

Janet: Thanks so much. It was really funny.

(NO! Funny dates mean weird dates.  Dates should be fun!)

Typical Confused Conversation

Tom: My weekend was funny. (meaning: My weekend was weird.)

Jack: How so? What happened?

Tom: I played football and watched movies. (Tom should have said his weekend was fun)

Jack: What? That doesn’t sound weird.

Use fun and funny correctly in your next conversation.  Some good conversation practice can be enjoyed at the Bogota Business English Conversation Club.


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