La fecha y la hora: ¿Cómo se programa una reunión?

…Dates and Time: How do you schedule a Meeting?

Do you want to schedule a meeting with your foreign client and have it sound good?

Uh, yes!  So let’s review some common ways to do this.  First though, review the rules for prepositions with the date and time.

We’re going to introduce some key verbs and nouns for scheduling a meeting.

Verbs that can mean meet // verbos que significa reunirse

Meet – reunirse
Schedule – programar
Organize – organizar
Meet up – reunirse
Set up – coordinar
Plan on meeting – reunirse
Be available to meet/Plan to meet – reunirse
Arrange – organizar
Have a… – realizar 

Nouns that can mean meeting // sutantivos que sigifican reunión

Call – llamada
Teleconference – teleconferencia
Face-to-face – reunion en persona
One-on-one – reunion de 2 personas
Meet-and-greet – reunion para introducirse

Question stubs // modelos para las preguntas

Can you…? – puedes…?
Can we…?  – podemos…?
Could you…? – podrías…?
Could we…? – podríamos…?
Will you be available to… – puedes…?
Let’s… – vamos a…
We will… – vamos a…
I want to… – Quiero…


President Santos, let’s plan a meet-up on Thursday at 3 pm.

Jenny, we will have a face-to-face with President Santos on Friday morning.

Hey boss, could you plan to meet the client on Tuesday at breakfast?

The clients arrive on Saturday and we will set up a face-to-face on Monday morning.

Let’s meet up!

Let’s organize a call.

I want to meet on Wednesday at lunch.

Can you plan on meeting me at the house on Easter Sunday?

Can we schedule a teleconference call on Feb 1?

Will you be available to meet at 9 am tomorrow?

Can you arrange a one on one at midnight?

Give us your examples! // Ejemplos tuyos por fa!

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