10 Colombian Traditions for New Year’s Eve

..10 Rituales de buen agüero y otros costumbres de año nuevo para Colombia

(leer en español)

Start your trip on NYE

Some Colombian traditions are about travel.

Happy New Year!

OK, it may be the second week of January but this is probably the first time back at the blog for many of you. 🙂

We wanted to put up this cultural piece so you’re ready to discuss what you did with for the past new year’s and what you’ll do at next year’s.  After this post you will be able to talk about the traditions with any foreigner!

Lets break down some of those new year’s eve traditions .

Things you have to do for the Colombian New Year:

1.  Poner lentejas en los bolsillos para que no falte dinero

Put dry lentils in your pockets so you’ll always have money in the new year

2.  Comer 12 uvas por cada més y hacer un deseo por uva

Eat 12 grapes, one for each month, and make a wish for each tomato

3.  Correr la vuelta  a la manzana con una maleta para viajar durante el año nuevo

Run around the block with your suitcase or backpack if you want to travel in the new year

4.  Ponerse calzones amarillos para la abundancia o rojos para el amor

Wear yellow underwear to not lack for anything, or red to have luck with love

5.  Poner en la mesa trigo con unos billetes para que no falten el dinero y  la comida sobre la mesa

Put wheat and some bills on the table so that you’ll always have money and food on the table

6.  Estrenar limpio y con ropa nueva para que entre el nuevo año bien, y que el nuevo año sigue así

Wash up and put on new clothes so you can look good when you enter the new year. The idea is that you’ll continue looking good through the year.

7.  Subirse una silla para que todo lo malo pase por debajo

Get on a chair and let all the bad of the last year pass by below.

8.  De la silla,  las mujers dar el primer saludo de año a un hombre y los hombres a una mujer para ue no falte el amor

While on the chair, women say their first hello of the new year to a man while men do the same to a women so that they’ll success in love and relationships.

9.  Hacer una comida familiar y muy grande, con mucha variedad para que no falte comida en año nuevo

Have a big family meal with alot of variety so that you have alot of food in the new year.

10.  Un Juego: Dejar 3 papas (una pelada, una media pelada y una normal) abajo de la cama y a media noche agarar una sin verla… papa pelada significa problemas, papa media pelada significa dinero de más o menos  y papa no pelada significa mucho dinero en año nuevo.

Game:  Leave 3 potatoes, 1 peeled, one half peeled, and 1 normal, under the bed and at midnight go and grab one without looking. If you get the peeled potato, it means you’ll have money problems. The half peeled means your money situation will be okay.  The normal potato means lots of money in the new year.

Eat a Grape and Make a Wish!

Eating Grapes is a NYE Tradition

What other New Year’s Eve traditions do you practice? Leave your comments, spanish or english, and we’ll provide a translation.

We cover another New Year tradition, creating resolutions, in this post.  If your resolution is to study more English, contact Bogota Business English.


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