Do You Know What a Pun Is?

…Sabes que significa pun?

Today we’ll break down the article presented the other day. It is brimming with coffee and puns.  There’s great vocabulary in it but first we start by counting the number of puns. Puns are word games where one word is used but has several meanings other than the intended or where a similar sounding word is used instead of the proper word.

Many newspapers love to write in puns for their titles or descriptions and the WSJ was no different.  I counted 3 puns in last week’s post.  How many did you count?

Hoy discutimos el articulo cual te presentamos el otro día.  Está lleno de café y juegos de palabra. Hay vocabulario nuevo pero empezamos con la cuenta de juegos de palabra o en inglés un pun.  

Muchos periodicos les encantan a escribir con juegos de palabra en los titulos o capciones y el WSJ no era diferente. Conté 3 juegos de palabra en el articulo, y tu?

Pun List

Trouble Brewing / Trouble Brews in Colombia (title)
is the verb we use when we say we make coffee “I brewed some coffee”.  But we also say trouble brews or starts to make noise.

Brew es un verbo que usamos cuando hacemos el tinto; también hay un dicho sobre los problemas y el verbo brew.

Don’t Bug Me Until I’ve Had My Coffee (image)
Bug is a verb that means to annoy or hastle someone. But it is also a noun meaning an insect. The article was about a bug affecting the coffee crop!

Bug es un verbo que significa molestar o fastidiar a alguien; también es un sustantivo con el significado de un bicho o insecto. El articulo trató un bicho que afecta el café.

Filtering Through… (graph title)
is a verb which means to screen or eliminate some elements in a group based on certain properties. We filter data like on an excel sheet.  But we also filter our coffee when we use a paper or metal filter (noun).

Filter es un verbo que significa filtrar o eliminar según algunas propiedades unos elementos no deseados de un grupo.  Filtramos data en una hoja de calculo; también filtramos nuestro tinto para quitar el grano molido, en tal caso usamos un filter (sustantivo) o en español un filtro.

Vocabulary, picture version!

”]Steep and Verdant Slopes of Colombia
Clipping the Bushes with a Pair of Clippers

To Clip (verb)

A Seedling Held in a Hand

A Seedling (noun)

Gloomy Day in Bogota

Gloomy (adjective)

To Demur is to Delay in Very Formal Situations

To Demur (verb). To delay or object to action in a very formal situation. Demorar u objetar a tomar una accion usualmente usado en una situación formal. 
 An Infestation of Bugs on a Leaf
An Infestation (noun)
Shirts Can Shrink After Washing

To Shrink (verb)

Soldiers Holding Their Ground

To Hold Ground (verb)

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