It is raining in Bogota

There are a variety of ways to talk about the rain in English. The structure usually begins “It is… VERB+ING”
Por qué hay tanta lluvia? Aprendemos la variedad de maneras de hablar de esa agua que cae del cielo. La estructura es normalmente la siguiente: “It is + VERB+ING”
Light rain (lloviznar)

It is misting.
It is sprinkling.
It is drizzling.
It is raining lightly.

“Normal” rain (llover)

It is raining.

Heavy rain (llover cantaros)

It is pouring.
It is raining cats and dogs!
It is really coming down.
It is a torrential downpour.
It is raining heavily.
The sky really opened up on me.

The next time it rains we’ll talk about the figurative use of rain.  Here is a nursey rhyme that is often used when it is raining:

Does it always rain when you go to your English class? Why not stay in your cozy home or stay in the warm, dry office and have your English classes come to you? Talk to Bogotá Business English.


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