Vocabulary: Persistence

Our last post had a few songs about persistence.

Nuestra ultima entrada trató el tema de ‘persistence.’  Vamos a revisar unas frases de las canciones sobre el concepto. Primero unos significados…


noun, the quality of tenacity, the act of continued effort.

examples:    His persistence paid off and she finally said yes!

As a result of the company’s persistence in focusing on mobile
solutions they  were ready for the switch to tablets.


adjective, refusing to give up or let go.

examples:    Pepe was persistent and finally mastered the present perfect.

When she knows what she wants, Angela is persistent.

Eye of the Tiger

Someone with the eye of the tiger is someone who doesn’t stop until they have achieved their goal.  (It could be a bad thing!)


A person who overcomes obstacles and gets things done; they deliver results.

He has got a vision

He has got a dream. He has received an inspiring thought. He has a mandate.

Burning the candle at both ends

To stay up late working and get up early to work.  To not sleep much while working alot.

She went the distance.  They go the distance.

She reached a goal that required alot of time and commitment. They are achieving their goal through long hours and alot of work. Song by CAKE on Going the Distance: 

Do you want to go the distance with your English learning?  Talk to Bogota Business English!


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